The ShiftShapers Podcast

Ep #323: What Does Your Brand Say About You? - With Gary Hernbroth

August 17, 2020 David Saltzman
The ShiftShapers Podcast
Ep #323: What Does Your Brand Say About You? - With Gary Hernbroth
Show Notes

This episode of The ShiftShapers Podcast is called "What Does Your Brand Say About You?" with Gary Hernbroth, Founder and Chief Motivating Officer at Training for Winners. Today, Gary shares how to cultivate your own personal brand and the importance of authenticity.

He also discusses the top characteristics of a salesperson, such as listening and follow-through, and provides a real-life example of an insurance agent leveraging authenticity to create a lasting business partnership.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • 01:54 What exactly is personal branding?
  • 06:50 Personal brand = trust
  • 08:34 Creating an authentic brand starts with internal reflection
  • 12:19 Listening is the number 1 skill in sales
  • 16:02 Creating sales with follow-through, loyalty, and authenticity


04:46 “The vibe that we give off, so to speak, that tell people that they either want to be engaged with us or they want to get involved in business with us or, in the case of the folks listening in today, somebody wants to buy from me. Or maybe they don’t.”

07:11 “There are certain things that you do or don’t do that are going to protect your brand and keep it strong—because it takes a long time to build up a brand and it takes seconds to shatter your brand.”

10:10 “I do not believe in the fake it til you make it crowd. I think that’s kind of a cute little phrase, it’s a bumper sticker, but I don’t really think it has any lasting value. It’s more like fake it until you’re found out.”

12:59 “Sometimes people, because someone doesn’t ask the question, they think you’re not thinking about that. Oh, customers are very much thinking about that.”

14:04 “Listening is traditionally the number 1 skill that buyers want in their salespeople. Somebody to hear about what my needs are.”