Trying to Conceive for 3 Years and 1 Embryo with Kristen Troy
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Trying to Conceive for 3 Years and 1 Embryo with Kristen Troy
Nov 04, 2022 Episode 24
Carolina Sotomayor

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Her fertility journey seemed impossible with 1 embryo and 3 years of trying to conceive! Miracles happen, especially to those who hold their vision long enough.

In this episode, Carolina and Kristen Troy dive deep into how Kristen conceived her baby doing In vitro fertilization (IVF) with her ONE embryo. She shares how Reiki relieved her anxiety and transformed her pregnancy experience. 

Looking to know how Reiki can help you with IVF and gain hope for your conceiving journey? This episode will deliver that insight to you! 

What you'll learn:
00:59 Biggest news from Kristen
2:45 Kristen's mindset shifted with all the struggles she went through
4:48 How Reiki helped Kristen's stress
6:45 Extraordinary blessings with Kristen's fertility journey
11:05 Miracles in Carolina's life
14:54 Anatomy scan experience
22:21 A big takeaway from Kristen's fertility journey
24:26 The more you heal upfront, the less that the baby has to heal in their lifetime - Carolina

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The Carolina Sotomayor Podcast is brought to you by Carolina Sotomayor and the Fertility Foundation.

Carolina Sotomayor is an Expert Womb Healer who helps women conceive by removing physiological blockages with Reiki. She is the host of the Carolina Sotomayor Podcast, a show that covers everything from fertility to postpartum to motherhood, and the creator of Fertility Foundation Collective, an online membership that helps women heal at their own pace to boost their fertility.

Carolina has served over 500 women from around the world to heal. She is passionate about helping women create their families. As a result, there are over 60 reiki babies in the world. 

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