What no one will say about conceiving...
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The Make A Baby Podcast
What no one will say about conceiving...
Nov 08, 2022 Episode 25
Carolina Sotomayor


Are you tired of consuming blogs and youtube videos of tips on how to conceive without getting to the core? This is the exact episode for you.

Carolina gives you the number one thing you need to take care of in your fertility journey. This one aspect is not talked about in your doctor's visits or addressed with your fertility medication.

What you'll learn:
1:34 What no one will say about conceiving
2:50 My fertility struggles
3:06 Why is the connection between mindset and emotions important
3:30 How to know what is blocking you
6:10 Ways to address your emotional wellness
8:42 Feeling safe
12:30 Importance of building an emotionally safe relationship with someone

Let's talk all about your emotions! Your feelings are a vital part of your conceiving journey. Tag me on your social media and tell me what you think!

The Carolina Sotomayor Podcast is brought to you by Carolina Sotomayor and the Fertility Foundation.

Carolina Sotomayor is an Expert Womb Healer who helps women conceive by removing physiological blockages with Reiki. She is the host of the Carolina Sotomayor Podcast, a show that covers everything from fertility to postpartum to motherhood, and the creator of Fertility Foundation Collective, an online membership that helps women heal at their own pace to boost their fertility.

Carolina has served over 500 women from around the world to heal. She is passionate about helping women create their families. As a result, there are over 60 reiki babies in the world. 

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DISCLAIMER: This episode is not a substitute for professional medical care but aims at relaxation and stress reduction to support natural healing. Reiki complements, never replaces, medical care. Carolina is not a licensed healthcare provider; always seek appropriate professional help for physical and mental health. Individual results may vary.