The Make A Baby Podcast

Infertility as A Lesbian Latina Couple with Jenni and Marianne Ortega

November 18, 2022 Carolina Sotomayor Episode 28
The Make A Baby Podcast
Infertility as A Lesbian Latina Couple with Jenni and Marianne Ortega
Show Notes

No one looks like us! There are no stories like us! Imagine thinking that as you and your partner go through your fertility journey.

In this episode, Carolina dives deep with Jenni and Marianne Ortega into what it is like to navigate fertility treatments and family planning as a lesbian Latina couple. We soon discover there is no representation of queer couples in fertility resources, reading materials, or even photos in the specialists' offices.

Jenni and Marianne are sharing their personal fertility journey to break the silence of what it is like to conceive as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. This episode is essential to every person to become more informed and how they can support other gay couples on their fertility journey.

What you'll learn:

  • 2:13 Struggles in finding resources for Latina couples
  • 8:55 Fertility clinics they've been visiting
  • 12:50 What not to say to a queer couple who are trying to conceive
  • 16:58 Their reaction when society tells unsolicited advice
  • 22:40 Story of sperm buying
  • 32:17 Love languages and their importance
  • 49:08 The Ortega's one piece of advice for people who are sharing the same journey with them

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