How to Make Parenting Easier Through the Holidays with Serena Rice
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The Make A Baby Podcast
How to Make Parenting Easier Through the Holidays with Serena Rice
Dec 09, 2022 Episode 34
Carolina Sotomayor


Are you in a panic at the thought of holiday chaos with your kids? You are not alone but with a great plan, you can have holiday fun and peace without the chaos.

In this episode, Carolina is getting the best tips from Parenting Coach Serena Rice to deepen your connection with your kids through the holidays! So if you are ready to leave the chaos behind, this episode was created for you!

What you'll learn:
1:58 Why Serena chose to be a parenting coach
3:54 The struggle of parenting during the holidays and how to make it easier
6:48 A good tip to set routines
7:51 Why time and space are important for children
8:10 What is a feeling chart and how it helps children
13:59 What is coregulation
25:23 Non-violent communication and its importance
36:16 Serena's plans for Christmas

You'll never panic at the holidays or school break ever again after today's episode on the Carolina Sotomayor Podcast. Listen and connect with your kids today!

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