How to Hack Your Brain for Optimal Fertility with Tessa Mills
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The Make A Baby Podcast
How to Hack Your Brain for Optimal Fertility with Tessa Mills
Feb 10, 2023 Episode 50
Carolina Sotomayor

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Have you ever thought how your brain works in your fertility journey?

Meet Tessa Mills! Tessa Mills is a life coach, Certified Fertility Awareness Educator and full-time authority questioner on a mission to help women take over the world.

She combines brain-based coaching and body literacy education to help women connect with their innate wisdom, cultivate sustainable confidence and self-trust while unlearning toxic beliefs perpetuated by all our patriarchal, capitalist institutions.

In this episode, we dive deep how to dissect your health, feritlity, and brain to conceive your baby. Knowledge is power in this episode.

What you'll learn:
1:30 Get to know more about Tessa Mills and what she does
7:14 Painful periods are not normal
10:38 Why it's important to know what's happening in women's body
17:00 How to hack the brain
23:29 How to work with Tessa Mills

Let's connect!

Connect with Tessa Mills:

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Carolina Sotomayor is an Expert Womb Healer who helps women conceive by removing physiological blockages with Reiki. She is the host of the Carolina Sotomayor Podcast, a show that covers everything from fertility to postpartum to motherhood, and the creator of Fertility Foundation Collective, an online membership that helps women heal at their own pace to boost their fertility.

Carolina has served over 500 women from around the world to heal. She is passionate about helping women create their families. As a result, there are over 60 reiki babies in the world. 

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