Breaking Down Chinese Medicine for Fertility & Pregnancy
The Make A Baby Podcast
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The Make A Baby Podcast
Breaking Down Chinese Medicine for Fertility & Pregnancy
Mar 10, 2023 Episode 58
Carolina Sotomayor

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In this episode, host Carolina Sotomayor and guest Dr. Beck Hoehn dive into the world of traditional Chinese medicine and its use for fertility and pregnancy. As a Chinese Medicine doctor and acupuncturist, Dr. Hoehn explains the differences between the two and what to expect when seeking treatment.

They cover a range of topics, including: the benefits of using Chinese Medicine as an alternative source of medicine, how it can help with fertility and pregnancy, and the best advice for someone who has never been to a Chinese Medicine doctor.

Join in as Carolina and Dr. Hoehn break down the mysteries of Chinese Medicine with their signature chemistry and humor, leaving you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of this ancient practice.

What you'll learn: 
1:31 Get to know more about Dr. Beck Hoehn
7:28  Benefits of Acupuncture
10:05 Chinese medicine is not just acupuncture
17:16 Chinese medicine is not a religion
27:09 Can Acupuncture lift the uterus?

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Connect with Dr. Beck Hoehn:

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Carolina has served over 500 women from around the world to heal. She is passionate about helping women create their families. As a result, there are over 60 reiki babies in the world. 

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