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Cultural Humility and Listening with the Heart: Nina Simons & Apache Plume
Cultural Humility and Listening with the Heart: Nina Simons & Apache Plume 57:31 Release the Heaviness: Winter Solstice Soul Journey with my Daughter Makeda 25:33 Healing through Humming: How Sound Regulates Your Nervous System 42:10 Jennifer Folayan, Native Artist on Staying in the Body So Miracles Find You 42:28 Crying is Good; Fall, Grief, and Healing with Dr. Sina Smith 54:56 Black Intergalactic Royalty: Theatre, Spiritual Transformation, & Remembering Who You Are 1:03:41 Joy, Taxes and Breast Cancer: Advice for Women Entrepreneurs with Mfon Etukeren 56:48 Awakening on Mt. Shasta: Breaking Free to Yoni Liberation 32:10 Transforming Trauma into Triumph: Dr. Beverly Carter's Inspiring Journey 57:09 Learning from the Land: How to Live and Farm at Nature’s Pace 1:02:13 Why I’m Intergalactic Not a Victim 18:27 Creating Harmony: Tyger Blair on African, Irish and Indigenous Ancestors and Cosmologies 55:51 Tears, Laughter, and the Vibrations of my Beloved's Violin: A Mushroom Trip Report 17:01 "Unearthing Truths: The Importance of Asking Questions in the Spirit of Dandelion" 15:53 From Iron Man to Stronger to Serve: Teri Schmidt Says Make it about More than You 50:53 A Black Mexican Woman Succeeds in Corporate America: Aurora Archer Shares Her Journey on Mother Tree Network 51:19 After Affirmative Action and #Scotus: How to Practice Liberation 17:51 Your Inner Child, Tree Magic and Women at Mid-Life: A Conversation with Pre-School Teacher Kirsten Bohl 45:59 Remembering Our Ancestors: Forgiveness and Belonging on Juneteenth 16:10 Plants Want to Communicate With Us 50:01 Metta Meditation: Slow Down for Emotional Intelligence to Catch Up! 9:08 How to Regenerate When There's a Political Backlash 44:41 Beyond Charity: How a Pre-School Mom Connects African Talent with the Global Marketplace 46:04 How to Work with Moon & Sun to Feel Strong and Like You Belong 56:25 How a Black and a White Woman Together Are Uplifting Women’s Voices across the Color Line 50:30