Spiritual Life and Leadership

37. Journaling for People Who Hate to Journal, with Tracy Winchell

June 03, 2019
Spiritual Life and Leadership
37. Journaling for People Who Hate to Journal, with Tracy Winchell
Spiritual Life and Leadership
37. Journaling for People Who Hate to Journal, with Tracy Winchell
Jun 03, 2019
Markus Watson
Some people hate journaling. But Tracy Winchell offers a way to track our inner life in a way that works for all of us who get nothing from writing about our feelings in a diary.
Show Notes

Journaling.  Ugh…  Some people love it.  Some people hate it.  Some people feel like they should be doing it because they’ve been told it will help them grow in their faith.  But writing about their thoughts and feelings in a diary just doesn’t work for them.

Well, along comes Tracy Winchell to give all of the non-journalers a way to keep track of their inner life that will probably work much better for them.  So, if you hate journaling—and even if you love it—you might be inspired by Tracy Winchell’s journaling method. And if you give it a shot, you might very well find yourself growing closer to God and closer to your true self.


  • Tracy Winchell is the host of the Reboots Podcast, which tells stories of people who have had to start over in life and in business.
  • Because of the change she has had to navigate in her own life, Tracy is passionate about helping others navigate change.
  • The journaling method Tracy uses begins with simply writing down three things each morning for which she is grateful.
  • The next thing Tracy writes down is her answer to the question, “Where was I selfish today?” followed by, “Do I owe someone an apology?”
  • The next question Tracy answers in her journal is, “How did God speak to me today?” 
    • This question helps her make sure she is listening to God.
    • It also gives her credit when she actually is listening to God.
    • Finally, it helps her document what God was saying to her and look back to see if she followed through on what she sensed God saying to her.
  • Next, Tracy asks herself, “What good did I do today for myself or for someone else?” 
  • Finally, she asks, “How will I get better tomorrow?”
  • In Episode 11, Discipleship and the Twelve Steps, Markus speaks with Kaye Schneider about the Twelve Step recovery process as a means of discipleship.
  • Tracy has created a downloadable document with this format for journaling. You can find it at www.rebootspodcast.com/spirituallifejournaling.
  • Listeners are invited to take a seven-day journaling challenge and let Tracy know how it goes.
  • How legalistic should we be about journaling? Tracy’s answer: Not at all.


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