Spiritual Life and Leadership

4. The Gospel According to Two Shirts, with Jason Coker

September 17, 2018
Spiritual Life and Leadership
4. The Gospel According to Two Shirts, with Jason Coker
Spiritual Life and Leadership
4. The Gospel According to Two Shirts, with Jason Coker
Sep 17, 2018
Markus Watson
Jason Coker discusses the ministry of Two Shirts, discovering a bigger gospel, and what it's like to serve homeless brothers and sisters in his congregation.
Show Notes

Jason Coker, pastor of First Christian Church in Oceanside, California, shares about a ministry called Two Shirts. Even though it doesn’t exist anymore, it beautifully captures what God wants to do in the world—healing and wholeness for the whole world. Jason and I discuss this very creative ministry, Jason’s journey of discovering the gospel in a much bigger way than he had ever understood it before, and what it’s like to serve a congregation that includes homeless brothers and sisters.



  • Brief description of the Oceanside, CA, community where Jason serves as the lead pastor of First Christian Church.
  • How Jason came up with the idea for the Two Shirts ministry.  It started in Columbus, OH.
  • The Two Shirts concept is based on John the Baptist’s words in Luke 3:11:  “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.”
  • Jason was convicted by the idea that the gospel is more than an idea.  The gospel must be embodied.
  • Two Shirts was a website where you could give things away or ask for something you need.
  • An amazing story of a woman who posted that she needed a grandmother for her children.
  • Unfortunately, Two Shirts never really took off in Southern California.  It was hard to build the critical mass.
  • Jason describes the gospel he grew up with–a gospel that is more about disembodied doctrines and ideas.
  • How Jason came to the understanding that the gospel is about the restoration of all things and the fulfillment of shalom.
  • First Christian Church in Oceanside includes homeless people in their congregation.
  • “Embodying the gospel means to serve the least in our midst.”
  • Someone described Jason’s church as having “quite the cast of characters.”
  • FCC’s new mission statement:  “To make disciples for the sake of the city who practice radical hospitality, create new expressions of faith, and minister wholeness in a fragmented world.”
  • Jason describes the “ordinariness” of his work as a pastor.  The majority of the church’s work is “unglamorous.”



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