Purposeful Impact with Crystal Wagner
127: How do I choose what resources to use among the endless choices?
127: How do I choose what resources to use among the endless choices? 6:01 126: 3 Ways Your Homeschool May Look Different Next Year And How To Embrace Them 6:45 125: How do I know what I have to teach? 6:14 124: 10-Minute Assessment Tool To Take Your Homeschool From Blah To Yeah! 9:14 123: Should I use a boxed curriculum? 6:48 122: 4 Areas You Need To Consider As You Plan Your Homeschool Year 15:03 121: Mastering the Math Facts Doesn't Have To Be A Struggle Workshop 45:06 120: How To End Your Homeschool Year Strong 10:31 119: Five Principles That Have Most Impacted My Homeschool Workshop 44:55 118: How Knowing Your Enneagram Type Can Improve Your Homeschool Environment By With Linda Hannigan 31:15 86: Four-Step Process To Write A Vision and Mission Statement 18:06 85: 3 Benefits Of Mission Statements For Homeschool Parents 19:32 84: How do we start back up after a break? 10:00 83: How do I get my children to enjoy lessons? 13:19 82: How do I keep my child focused on his lessons? 21:06 81: How do I get my child to respect me as his teacher? 15:46 80: What should I use to homeschool my preschool-aged child? 25:47 79: How do I meet the needs of my school-aged child and his younger siblings? 20:40 78: How do I teach multiple ages at the same time? 17:15 77: Why I refuse to plan my children's summer learning 12:36 76: What homeschool records do I need to keep? 26:40 75: A traditional homeschool plan does not work for us. What do I do instead? 21:58 74: Which homeschool planner should I use? 8:50 73: 6 Simple Steps To Plan Your Homeschool Year 23:11 71: How do I find time to plan our homeschool? 10:10