Along the Road: A Podcast for PC(USA) Leaders
Nourish: Responsible Investing
Nourish: Responsible Investing 22:23 Encounter: Planning, Investing and Renovating the Mission 38:22 Nourish: Never "Just" a Church Leader 11:10 Encounter: Transformations During Transitions: A Conversation on Transitional Ministry 49:47 Nourish - Making Christ Known in the Here and Now 9:44 Special Christmas Bonus Episode! "Let's Sing" 18:16 Nourish - Advent to Epiphany 18:23 Encounter: Advent Reflections with the Stated Clerk, J. Herbert Nelson II 56:25 Nourish: Reflection on Hebrews 11 17:04 Encounter: Being a Church of Rules and Polity: Faith, Theology, and Welcoming 51:21 Nourish: Mindfulness 12:17 Encounter: Worship in the Process of Leader Formation 46:11 Nourish: Ecclesial Formation 9:57 Encounter: Analyzing what "Call" and "Ministry" means for the Presbyterian Church 57:09 Nourish: Call to Ordered Ministries 6:08 Along The Road: Trailer 0:55