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29 | How to Use AI in Digital Product Marketing

March 27, 2023
The Inspired Business Podcast
29 | How to Use AI in Digital Product Marketing
Show Notes

What’s the big deal with Chat GPT? AI wordsmith technology has caused quite a buzz among digital marketing experts and online business owners recently, and for good reason. It can make our jobs easier… or replace us altogether. Should we fear GPT, embrace it, or pretend it doesn’t exist? No, somewhat, and no. This episode explores how Christian content creators can use AI to our advantage, without devaluing the role of our God-given voices in running an online content business.

And just for fun? I asked Chat GPT to write this episode description, and here’s what it came up with. Not quite accurate… largely generic… but I’ll bet the SEO bots will love it.

“In this podcast episode, we explore how Christian content creators can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their digital product marketing strategies. We begin by discussing the basics of AI and its potential applications in marketing. Then, we dive into practical tips and tools for content creators, such as using AI-powered analytics to optimize content for SEO, using chatbots to engage with customers and drive sales, and using personalized recommendations to improve customer retention. Additionally, we discuss ethical considerations when using AI in marketing and how to maintain a Christ-centered approach in digital marketing efforts. Overall, this episode equips Christian content creators with actionable insights to harness the power of AI in their marketing efforts.”


  • What NYC taught me about living in Wisconsin
  • Is AI a threat to content creators, or a helping hand?
  • Why Christian content creators in particular are skeptical (and with good reason)
  • How should content creators respond to AI?
  • What is AI in the first place… an explanation of GPT
  • A short list of tools that use GPT technology (there are several; I’ll mention just a few)
  • How can you use AI / GPT to your advantage… without selling your soul
  • Specific benefits of using GPT in Pinterest marketing, ads, and keyword descriptions
  • Good marketing copy is still an art, not just a science

Resources mentioned in this episode:
Chat GPT
Kajabi AI Creator Hub (free for anyone, no need for a Kajabi account)
Canva Magic Write
The Funnel Club

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