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50 | How Low-Ticket Offers Can Multiply Your Income

February 05, 2024 Becky Kopitzke
The Inspired Business Podcast
50 | How Low-Ticket Offers Can Multiply Your Income
Show Notes

Which is better: low-ticket or high-ticket? That’s a big debate in the online business world. Lots of sellers are pushing high-ticket offers these days because higher-priced programs earn money faster. But did you know the majority of your audience will never buy a high-ticket offer? If you’re not selling a low-ticket offer on autopilot, either with or without a higher-ticket offer on the back end, then you’re missing an incredible opportunity to scale your online business to new income heights. In this episode of The Inspired Business Podcast, I’ll share three reasons why low-ticket funnels can lead to breakthrough growth, plus some key factors to consider when choosing the right low-ticket product for your audience.

  • The definition of a low-ticket product
  • Are you ignoring 99 percent of your prospective customers?
  • Low-ticket offers give customers a low-risk chance to get to know you
  • High-ticket buyers will come from your low-ticket pool of customers
  • Why recurring income from automated low-ticket funnels benefits more than just the bottom line
  • The key to choosing a low-ticket program is the problem it solves
  • Three factors you should reserve for your high-ticket offer
  • Your low-ticket offer should be valuable yet scalable in terms of your time and availability

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