Sinners Among Saints

Episode 20: Mina Pajela

January 20, 2023 Megan and Lindsay Season 1 Episode 20
Sinners Among Saints
Episode 20: Mina Pajela
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**This Weeks Soul Cleanse**
A woman who was attacked by a man who was just out looking to kill, survived this terrifying attack and after recovering in the ICU, she was really upset about the brand new Cardinals jersey that she was wearing during the attack because it was ruined. The Davis County Sheriff's Department learned about this and pooled money together and bought her a new jersey! 

This weeks case is one of betrayal and deceit. We look into the murder of self made millionairess Mina Pajela, whose life goal was to help others, especially the elderly. She was taken too soon by someone who was supposed to be her friend and mentee. 

Documentary called my dirty little secret: mormon millionaire 

In 2022, the burnt remains of Rachel Amina Darwish were found in Southern Ontario, Canada.
Clues to her murder were found in an anonymous blog. These are the lost blog posts.

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