Sinners Among Saints

Episode 34: Stephen and Tara Grant // Part 1

April 21, 2023 Megan and Lindsay Season 1 Episode 34
Sinners Among Saints
Episode 34: Stephen and Tara Grant // Part 1
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This week is part 1 of 2 of the horrific murder of Tara Grant. 
It's a typical love story- boy meets girl in college and they fall in love.  Boy and girl have 2 beautiful children. Girl becomes a high powered Boss Bitch and boy is slightly emasculated. Boy turns to hot, young au pair to help deal with his fragile manhood and then decides he doesn't love his wife anymore.  Instead of divorce where boy will lose everything- he decides to kill his wife, cut her up into pieces, and hide these pieces in the snow. Tune in for this insane episode!

Also go read the book "Blood in the Snow" by Tom Henderson.  This book was amazing and gave great insight to this horrific crime!

**This week's Soul Cleanse**
This week we take a look at an amazing set of people and what they call the Friendship Bench. This story comes all the way from Zimbabwe and is the from the mind of founder Dixon Chibanda. Dixon experienced the death of a patient who took her own life when she couldn't afford to visit the hospital. He decided to take mental health out of the hospital to the community. A therapy that leverages the power, compassion, and accessibility of grandmothers! Seriously it's an amazing concept that we should have everywhere! If you want to learn more please visit 

In 2022, the burnt remains of Rachel Amina Darwish were found in Southern Ontario, Canada.
Clues to her murder were found in an anonymous blog. These are the lost blog posts.

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