The Christmas House

Chapter Nineteen- A Test of Faith

December 22, 2022 Barry KuKes Season 1 Episode 19
The Christmas House
Chapter Nineteen- A Test of Faith
Show Notes

May 2nd

148 Festive Lane

10:00 a.m.

          As Sharon drove up to the front of the house and parked across the street, she noticed Michael’s red pickup truck was parked in the driveway. A smile came to her face as she pulled down the visor and checked her makeup in the vanity mirror. As she opened the car door and placed her long bare legs on the street, several male workers at the job site couldn’t help but notice her allure.

     Sharon exited the car, grabbed her briefcase from the back seat, and strolled toward the house like a peacock performing a mating dance. Her sensuality was ever-present and turned the head of every man within view.

     She greeted many of them by name. 

     “Morning Joe, how are you doing, Kenny? A beautiful day isn’t Bob?” she said as she walked through the house's front door. The men acknowledged her greetings. A few added “come on” phrases such as, “Looking good today, Sharon,” and “Hey, if those legs were any longer, we wouldn’t need ladders around here.”

     Sharon just smiled, for she knew she was beautiful. She could lure almost any man into her lair, but her sights were set on a challenging man who ignored her advances.

     Michael was leaning over a worktable covered with blueprints in the middle of the dining room. Sharon walked up behind him and purposely rubbed her briefcase across Michael’s right leg as he talked with the electrical contractor.

     “Morning, Michael; did your appointment go well yesterday?” she asked as she set her case on the floor and took a seat on a sawhorse a few feet away.

     Michael, startled by the brush against his leg, turned swiftly.

     “Oh. Hello, Sharon. Yes, my appointment went just fine.”

     Sharon crossed her bare legs and let her high-heeled shoe dangle off her toes on her right foot. 

     “I have some fantastic ideas for you, Michael,” she said.

     The electrical contractor replied under his breath to Michael, “I’ll bet she does.”

     Michael dismissed the man’s comment.