The Christmas House


February 13, 2023 Barry KuKes Season 2 Episode 5
The Christmas House
Show Notes

      It was a bright and sunny morning on this Thanksgiving Day, although a bit on the cool side with a temperature in the low 30s. Harry walked out to see if there was any mail from the previous two days. Harry would get so involved in working from home he would forget about almost everything else, including getting the mail and taking a shower, which Susan did not appreciate. Harry often took his morning shower at 6:00 p.m.

      As Harry walked out to the curb's mailbox, he noticed most of his neighbors out decorating their homes. He thought to himself, “Jesus Christ, it's 7:00 am on a holiday. These people are crazy.”

      The neighbor from next door met Harry, still in his robe and slippers, at the mailbox. 

      “Hi, there, neighbor! My name is Charlie Reynolds. I just moved in next door about a week ago. I guess it’s a Thanksgiving tradition that we all decorate our homes to the max on Thanksgiving Day until dinner is served and football begins.”

      Taken back a bit by Charlie’s ramblings, Harry introduced himself as well. 

     “Hi Charlie, I’m Harry, Harry Hill; I just moved here about nine months ago, so I’m new to this as well. Where did you come from?” 

      “From right next store; I told you that already Harry; not a morning person, are we?” Charlie replied.

      “No, I meant, where did you live before moving here?” Harry clarified.