The Christmas House


March 07, 2023 Barry KuKes Season 2 Episode 7
The Christmas House
Show Notes

        Victor parked the car on the driveway because the garage floor area was cluttered with boxes and extension cords due to the decorating mission.

      “Wow, it looks great, Uncle Harry and Aunt Susan. You put up all the lights since I left? I was only gone for an hour or so. You guys are fast!” said Victor.

      “Your aunt was a great help since she is fearless when it comes to heights. She was hanging off the eaves and bouncing the ladder over a few feet at a time. She was scaring the hell out of me,” Harry said and then continued. “Hey, Lindsay! Don’t you look beautiful tonight!”

      “Hi, Mr. Hill. Thank you as usual. This is my mom, Doris… Doris Dunne,” Lindsay replied.

      “Hello, Doris. How very nice to meet you. My name is Harry,” he said as he took her frail hand into his and gently held it.

      “Very nice to meet you, Harry. Thank you for inviting Lindsay and me to join you for dinner. That was very nice and much appreciated,” Doris said.

      “Hi, Doris. I’m Susan, Harry’s wife, and the kids’ aunt,” she said as she placed her hand on Doris’s back and gently rubbed it.

      “Hi, Susan. Nice to meet you as well. I was going to say that you two look nothing like Victor. Now it makes sense that you are his aunt and uncle,” Doris said.

      “Mrs. Dunne, I don’t look anything like my parents either. I was adopted from Uruguay as a baby, so I have Latin blood and steamy good looks,” Victor said and then laughed.

      “Are your parents in the house?” Doris asked.