The Christmas House


March 07, 2023 Barry KuKes Season 2 Episode 9
The Christmas House
Show Notes

      As the doorbell's tone faded into silence, Harry, Susan, and the kids all stood frozen in anticipation and disbelief. Susan stood up and walked to her father. She reached out her hand and poked him in the shoulder. His physical body was real. 

      “Daddy? Is it really you?” she asked.

      “Yes, sweetheart. It’s really your mother and me. Your sister could be waiting just outside as well. You might want to answer the door,” he replied.

      Susan looked at Harry, and Harry turned to the kids.

      “Are you guys ready for this? Rose honey, do you understand what is happening here?” he asked.

      “Sure… we live in a magical house that is bringing mom and dad back to me. What are you waiting for? Open the door,” she replied.

      Harry hesitates and stops short of opening the door. He looks at Susan.

      “Can we talk privately for a second, Susan?”

      “Sure, Harry,” she replied.

      “Do not open the front door. Just give us a second,” Harry told the others.

      Harry and Susan walk toward the back of the house into the family room, just past the kitchen.

      “This is frickin unbelievable, but how do we handle this knowing that Rick killed Carin?” he asked.