The Christmas House


April 04, 2023 Barry KuKes Season 2 Episode 13
The Christmas House
Show Notes

      With a puzzled look on his face, Harry asked, “What’s that you say? It sounded like you said he was my son.”

      “That’s what I said, and that’s who he is. Ernest, this man is your father. His name is Harry,” said Martha.

      “Daddy? Are you dead too? My momma told me my dad had died in a war,” said Ernest.

      Harry stood there dumbfounded and looked at Susan, who was as confused as Harry.

      “See, there… I was never in the service and thus proves I am not this boy’s father,” said Harry.

      “His mother just told him that, so she didn’t have to tell him you were just a one-night stand,” said Martha.

      “One-night stand?” Moi? Why I never… how long ago… was she a blonde…oh oh,” said Harry.

      “Oh-oh? Oh-oh? What do you mean, oh-oh?” asked Susan doing the math in her head. 

      “How old is he again? When did he die?” questioned Susan.

      “Don’t get crazy, Susan; his mother was a one night stand with Harry about a year before Harry met you,” replied Martha.

      “Now I remember her but not her name,” said Harry.

      “Ernest, what was your mother’s name?” asked Susan.

      “Mommy. I called her mommy,” said Ernest.