The Christmas House


May 02, 2023 Barry KuKes Season 2 Episode 17
The Christmas House
Show Notes

      At the front door stood Patrick and Megan McCann, Rick’s parents. 

      “Patrick! Megan! What are you doing here?” asked Susan.

      “Susan? Carin’s sister? What are you doing here?” asked Megan.

      “I live here. This is our home. The kids are incredibly happy here. If you are here with a plan of stealing our kids away from us, you are in for the fight of your life. We love these children as if they were our own, and we consider them as such,” shouted Susan.

      “Calm down, Susan. We are not here to take the kids. We believe that they are happy to be here with you. Besides, they would have to be dead to come to be with us, and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?” said Patrick.

      “Oh, my God. You died?” asked Caitlin.

      “Yes, sweetie, a little over a year ago. We both caught the nasty virus that was going around, and we couldn’t recover. First, your grandfather passed, and then I died just a week later,” said Grandma Megan.

      “I’m so sorry for your passing. I apologize for yelling at you,” said Susan.

      “It’s quite alright, my dear. It shows us that you were the right choice all along to care for the children. We have to admit that we have no idea why we are here, how we got here, or how it is possible to be among the living once again. Can anyone explain this to us?” asked Megan.

      “Why don’t you follow me and I will try my best,” said Martha as she took the McCann’s by their arms and into the family area of the home.