The Christmas House


May 17, 2023 Barry KuKes Season 2 Episode 19
The Christmas House
Show Notes

6:00 am 
 December 25th

      “Daddy? Dad? Hey Dad, you awake?” asks the super excited 6-year-old of Harry.

      “I am now. Ernie, it’s… what time is it anyway?” Harry stammers and then looks at the clock on his nightstand.

      “6 o’clock? Ernie, it’s way too early to get up. Go back to sleep for a couple of more hours,” Harry said.

      “But it’s Christmas, Dad. Santa may have already come. We need to go downstairs to see what he brought me,” said Ernie.

      “Oh, for heaven’s sake. Okay, but let me make some coffee first,” replied Harry, unaware that Susan has walked into the room.

      “I already made the coffee, and here is a cup to get you moving,” said Susan.

      “Why are you gaining up on me? I prayed that today would be a better day, but so far, not so much,” Harry stated.

      “Come on, Harry, your son, would like to see if Santa brought him any gifts. Let’s go see before Ernie bursts from his curiosity,” said Susan.

      Ernie jumps off the bed and runs to the door. “I’ll race you, Dad,” and he’s out of the room in a flash.

      “I guess he won. Now, back under the nice warm covers,” said Harry as he lies back down.

      “Get up, Daddy! You have responsibilities to your son and the rest of your family as well,” shouted Susan.