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Let's experiment w/ a new release schedule. Every two weeks.

August 01, 2023 Mountain Cog - Joshua Anderson & Mike Festerling
Mountain Cog
Let's experiment w/ a new release schedule. Every two weeks.
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Hi, Mountain Cog Podcast listeners. We've got an update! Exciting changes are coming our way as we adapt to a bi-weekly release schedule, and we're eager to see how this experiment unfolds. With your calendars marked for Tuesday, August 8th, 2023, get ready for another episode filled with stories from cyclists and industry experts. 

To our ever-growing family of listeners, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Being able to release our 50th episode has been a humbling journey, and having you with us every step of the way has been nothing short of amazing. We're more than just co-hosts; we're a part of a thriving cycling community, and your feedback is what fuels our passion. So, share your thoughts, suggest improvements, and let us know which topics spark your curiosity. And hey, don't forget to leave us your much-appreciated five-star review on Apple or Spotify. Together, let's pedal towards the next 50 episodes!

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Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Mohamed. This is Josh, co-host of the Mountain Cog podcast. Instead of an episode this week, we're announcing a slight change to our release schedule. Based on feedback from our listeners, we've decided to experiment with releasing episodes every two weeks, every other week, versus every week. That means that our next episode will be released on Tuesday, August 8th 2023. You know, last week we released the 50th episode of the MCP. Mike and I are very much enjoying getting to meet, chat with, learn about and share with you the stories and perspectives from so many cyclists and representatives from the cycling industry. We're really humbled by the number of you that's listening. So thanks. You want to tell us what you think. You could send us an email mountaincog at gmailcom or, even better, you could leave us a review on Apple or Spotify. We especially dig those five star reviews. But no matter what you think we want to hear. We want to hear, like, what you like, what you don't like. We want to hear what your thoughts are on things that we can do better topics you want us to cover people you think we should talk to. We are, like, so blessed to live in this like wonderful bicycle friendly town to San Arizona. You know where we get to ride 365 days a year. We have so many great places to mountain bike, to road bike, gravel bike, BMX, commute like whatever you like it's here. There's such a rich and diverse group of cycling industry folk here as well, and if you like bikes like this is the place to be. Anyhow, you know, thank you so much for listening these last 50 episodes. Tell us what you think in a review on Apple or Spotify and let's see how this this, you know every other week experiment plays out. You know, look forward to our next episode on Tuesday, August 8th, and with that I'm going to sign off. So I appreciate y'all. Have a great day, Ride your bike.