The D2Z Podcast
53: Tech Partnerships, Retention, and Diversity with Megan Blissick,
53: Tech Partnerships, Retention, and Diversity with Megan Blissick, 36:01 52: The D2Z One Year Anniversary, Agency Life, and Building Effective Teams with Electriq's Alissa Taggart 39:48 51: Making the Most of Klaviyo, Post-Purchase Journeys, and the Importance of Partnerships with Dan Deren 42:54 50: Lifetime Value, Post-Purchase Journey, and the Perfect Shopify Techstack with Malomo’s Noah Rahimzadeh 52:28 49: DTC Ecosystems, Data in Marketing, and DTC Trends with Tyler Grech at Daasity 36:55 48: Subscriptions, Retention, and Building a Good Techstack with Recharge’s Kevin Kline 42:35 47: The Business of Ecommerce Agencies, Teambuilding, and Creating Resilience During Uncertainty with Roman Yoffe CEO of Absolute Web 25:40 46: Start-Ups, Entrepreneurship, and Performance Marketing with Privé Founder & CEO Benjamin Mitchell 34:12 45: Retention Marketing, Customer Service in eCommerce, and Strategic Team Empowerment with Michael Charleston, Sr. eCommerce Product Manager at Nordic Naturals 39:42 44: Entrepreneurship, Raising Capital, Opportunities for App Developers in the Shopify Ecosystem with Pranay Prakash, Founder & CEO at Windsor 34:37 43: Gen Z Entrepreneurship, Building Teams, Scaling Business with Brandon Amoroso 40:27 42: 360 Service for Brands, Expanding to the European Market, and Cultural Nuances with Richie Jones, Founder & CEO at vvast 42:18 41: Scaling your Business through Systems Mindset, Optimizing Your Business, and Open Communication with Josh Fonger 24:44 40: eCommerce Communication Solutions for Small Brands, Providing Solutions to Pain Points, and Scaling for Start-ups, with Emilio Di Marco 38:51 39: Humanizing Brands with Purpose, Real vs Ideal Customers, and Niching Down, with Monica Sharma-Patnekar 26:50 38: Benefits of E-commerce and POS Integration: Bridging the Gap to Optimize UE from a Marketing and Operations perspective, with Christine Russo 38:02 37: Emerging Consumer Brands, Unlock Growth with Retail and Digital Synergy, and Nurturing Loyalty, with Andrea Popova 30:22 36: Text Marketing, Text Compliance, Culture of Innovation and Growth with Philip Portman 30:25 35: Building a Technology Company, Navigating DTC Pains, and Promotions with Kausambi Manjita 35:30 34: Health and Wellness DTC, Supply Chain and Distribution, and Social Proof with Alexej Pikovsky 33:50 33: Building Tech Start-Ups, Founder Mistakes, and Successes with Bill Boulden 23:19 32: Influencer Marketing, Influencer Trends, and Influencer Relationships with Yash Chavan 27:06 31: The Entrepreneurial Journey, Risk and Reward, and Subscriptions with Hiral Zalavadia 43:13 30: Customer Service for Retention and Revenue with Billy McClennan 39:58 29: Bridging to Retail, Landing Pages, and Copywriting with Dan Sweeney 43:17