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Episode 6: Building Resilience & Hardiness – Part 2

February 14, 2023 Dr. Mary Ann Mercer
Positive Life Answers
Episode 6: Building Resilience & Hardiness – Part 2
Show Notes

 Welcome to Episode 6:  Building Resilience & Hardiness – Part 2

I am your podcast host & Self-Improvement expert,  Dr. Mary Ann Mercer. 
You can call me Dr. Mary.
 In my ‘Positive Life Answers’ podcast, my goal is to help you transform the quality of your life. 
And…help you create the life you desire.  The goal of my podcast is to help you make improvements and changes in practical ways.

In today’s podcast, we will explore the habits of Resilient & hardy people and what they can teach you. As well as why learning how being optimistic and resilient help you in your quest to build habits for change

Thank you for your support since releasing my first few episodes.
 Please continue to enjoy my podcast… and don’t keep me a secret. 
Today we will talk about:
1. More traits of Resilient & Hardy People
How this trait of resilience helps you become more confident in your abilities to make changes or improve your life. 

2.  Releasing another ‘Agony Anchor’ that may Hold You Back from being happy, making improvements… and creating the life you desire.
3.   Techniques I created called, Positive Mind-ConditioningTM  

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 Now don't forget to practice your Resilience &Optimism habits this week.  
And release your Agony Anchors that are holding you back from living your best life ever.
Stay tuned for more.   

Dr. Mary

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