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Episode 21: Create Your Best Life

July 11, 2023 Dr. Mary Ann Mercer
Positive Life Answers
Episode 21: Create Your Best Life
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Episode 21:  Create Your Best Life: 
                             An Interview by Sarah Boxx of ‘No Labels, No Limits’

Welcome to my ‘Positive Life Answers’ Podcast

I am your podcast host & Self-Improvement expert, Dr. Mary Ann Mercer. 
You can call me Dr. Mary.

Welcome to Episode 21:  Create Your Best Life:   Interview by Sarah Boxx of ‘No Labels, No Limits’

In my ‘Positive Life Answers Podcast’, my goal is to help you transform the quality of your life.  And…help you create the life you desire. 
The goal of my podcast is to help you make improvements and changes in practical and empowering ways.  Let’s create your best life ever!!

If you are new and just discovered my podcast…Welcome!!
Today, I want to first share with you one of the many insights and experiences I had on our special expedition to the Inside Passages of Alaska.
In my speeches and work with clients, I talk about how to be a special upbeat role model for everyone you encounter and individuals in your life. One of the ingredients is Grace.
Learn how Grace impacted someone we encountered during our trip and the takeaway tip for you.

Today’s topic:   Create Your Best Life:  Interview by Sarah Boxx of No Labels, No Limits
I will share a brief clip of my interview and time with podcaster Sarah Boxx. 
In the show notes below, there is a direct link to this episode to listen to the entire interview either on her podcast show platform or on her YouTube channel.

Description: No Labels, No Limits podcast
Create Your Best Life with Dr. Mary Ann Mercer
NLNL Podcast explores inspiring stories of individuals who have defied limiting labels and beliefs to achieve their personal and professional goals. This week, we are honored to speak with guest, Mary Ann Mercer, Psy.D., accomplished author, speaker, psychologist, and co-creator of Intensive Coaching™.
Dr. Mercer's journey of overcoming personal obstacles and transforming her own life has enabled her to inspire and guide others.  In this episode, we will explore topics such as bouncing back from difficulties, transforming discouraging beliefs into hopeful ones, finding strength through life's challenges, and navigating transformations. We will also seek guidance from Dr. Mercer on how to thrive regardless of the current challenges one may be facing.
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