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Mini-Episode: The 1-Hour Happiness Challenge

August 29, 2023 Dr. Mary Ann Mercer
Positive Life Answers
Mini-Episode: The 1-Hour Happiness Challenge
Show Notes

I’m Dr. Mary Ann Mercer.
 Welcome to my ‘Positive Life Answers’ Podcast

 I am your podcast host & Self-Improvement expert,  Dr. Mary Ann Mercer. 
 You can call me Dr. Mary.
to my Mini-Episode:  The 1-hour Happiness Challenge
In my ‘Positive Life Answers Podcast’, my goal is to help you transform the quality of your life.  And…help you create the life you desire. 
The goal of my podcast is to help you make improvements and changes in practical ways.  Let’s create your best life ever!!

In this podcast episode,  I invite you to participate in what I developed called, The 1-hour Happiness Challenge.
Enjoy today’s mini-episode that targets the one thing you need to do for the next 7 days... and over this holiday weekend.  I wanted to give you something special this week that will be easy to do over your long weekend.
This challenge is focused on having you practice one effective technique that will turn into a positive habit and help improve your life.

Let's continue this topic together and join my discussion on this 1-hour Happiness Challenge on this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/positivelifeanswers

Most of my techniques are easy to do and incorporate into your daily routine,  If you haven't listen to last week's episode called, Episode 26: Secrets of Happy & Joyful People, give it a listen to now.  It will give you more quick tips to practice.
In that episode , you will discover Secrets of Happy & Joyful People.  You will learn
(1) Key Actions Happy & Joyful People take in their lives and (2) Mind-Shifting strategies. You can add any of these tips to your 1-Hour Happiness Challenge.

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Thank you for listening! My Next new podcast episode drops Tuesday, September 12th. Make it a fantastic week.
Dr. Mary   

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