Positive Life Answers

Episode 27: Challenges of Setbacks

September 19, 2023 Dr. Mary Ann Mercer
Positive Life Answers
Episode 27: Challenges of Setbacks
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Welcome to my ‘Positive Life Answers’ Podcast

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Welcome to Episode 27: The Challenges of Setbacks

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Today, I would like to talk with you about The Challenges of Setbacks
Question:  Are you experiencing a setback in your life?  Is your path to improving yourself and life not taking a straight line to your goals and hopes?

 Setbacks in your process of improving yourself and your life are not uncommon.
They are part of your journey.  Setbacks can be big or small challenges… or potential obstacles. How we handle and react to them can be quite telling.
I will help you break through the disappointments of setbacks today.
 Today you will learn:
1.  How to overcome setbacks
2.  Why do some of us get stuck when a setback or shift in our path to change occurs.
3.  An Important motivational hack you will not forget.

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