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Global Assembly- Climate Catastrophe in Pakistan & the Call for Reparations in the Global South

September 20, 2022 BOL Coop Season 1 Episode 1
BOL Coop's Podcast
Global Assembly- Climate Catastrophe in Pakistan & the Call for Reparations in the Global South
Show Notes

On Sept 18, brought together activists, theorists to discuss Climate Reparations in the aftermath of catastrophic floods in Pakistan. Our inspiration for this gathering comes from the assemblies/discussions that occurred in Occupy Wall Street, and the cooperative thinking in social movements. We gathered online to think together, to exchange information, to build solidarity and identify common lines of action. 

Global Assembly Participants

Dr. Maira Hayat is an Assistant Professor of Environment and Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Tooba Syed is a feminist writer and grassroots organiser associated with the left and a member of WDF and AWP. She has been actively involved in various social justice movements for a decade including the feminist movement, land and housing rights movement, and climate justice movement.

Asad Farooq is a lawyer, teacher, and organizer. He works closely with flood affected communities in the Saraiki Belt of Pakistan. He is also a member of Alliance for Climate Justice and Clean Energy (ACJCE).

Olivia DiNucci ( a Climate Justice activist and an organizer with CODEPINK. She works on holding the Pentagon, IMF & World Bank accountable for their part in fueling climate change through carbon emissions. Links discussed: 

IMF/WB Week of Action in DC Oct 13-16: For People For Planet: Decarbonize Decolonize

Demands for week of action and ask for additions:

Olufemi Taiwo is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown. He is the author of Elite Capture (2022) and a second book, Reconsidering Reparation (2022), in which he argues that Global Climate Justice is not possible without reparations.

Nausheen Anwar is a Professor of City Planning at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi University and the founder of Karachi Urban Lab.

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