Steadfast Care Planning

Navigating Caregiving & Financial Challenges with Danielle Miura

April 02, 2024 Kelly Augspurger Season 1 Episode 37
Steadfast Care Planning
Navigating Caregiving & Financial Challenges with Danielle Miura
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In this episode of the Steadfast Care Planning podcast, host Kelly Augspurger and guest Danielle Miura, a certified financial planner, educator, and caregiver advocate, discuss the complexities of caregiving and the financial challenges that come with it. They delve into the costs of caregiving, the impact on the caregiver's financial health, and the subsequent ripple effects on their families and the next generation.

Danielle shares her personal caregiving experience and provides valuable insights into the emotional, physical, and financial toll of caregiving. She emphasizes the importance of having a plan in place to protect caregivers and advises on key steps to safeguard one's financial health while providing care.

In this episode they covered:

🔹 The Economic Strain on Family Caregivers

🔹 Impact of Caregiving on Career Progression

🔹 The Mental and Physical Toll on Caregivers

🔹 The Realities of Family Caregiving

🔹 The Financial Strain of Unplanned Caregiving

🔹 Financial Advice for Family Caregivers

🔹 Support Networks for Caregivers

🔹 The Importance of Money Conversations in Families

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What do we need to consider when we think about caregiving costs?
Caregivers experience lower wages based off of the hours they're able to work. Caregivers are also missing job promotions.
Non financial aspects of life that we need to consider when it comes to caregiving costs?
The physical, emotional, mental, spiritual costs of caregiving.
Danielle's personal experience with caregiving.
Using statistics as a means of planning can be decieving. Statistics aren't always aplicable to LTC planning.
Kelly shares her personal experience as a caregiver.
How does not planning for extended care financially affect the next generation?
How do you best protect financial health as a family caregiver?
How do we get help as a caregiver? Who can help us with caregiving?
What defines a caregiver? What is the definition of a caregiver?
How to know if you are a caregiver and how to avoid caregiver burnout.
It might not be what you assume caregiving is, right, but there's different levels of caregiving.
Danielle's advice for planning for care to live well. Communication is the key.
How do people get in touch with Danielle? Danielle's contact information.