HR Fresh Take

Special Episode - The World of Work in 2030

April 29, 2023 Season 1 Episode 5
HR Fresh Take
Special Episode - The World of Work in 2030
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How we work has changed dramatically over the past few years. That change has lead to new work models, emerging workforce trends, and constantly evolving technology to sustain an organization’s operations. The uncertainty surrounding the future of work will be the most disruptive and definitive business challenges of the next decade.

In this special supersized episode, our podcast hosts got the perspective from 9 of our nationally and locally recognized speakers from the Philly SHRM Symposium on the future of work. We wanted to take dive deep into what they thought the world of work looks like in 2030, how it will affect the Philly region, and what we as HR professionals can do now to meet the challenge.

You can listen to all of our speakers or to your favorite one. The choice is yours.

Here are the speakers in order of which they are recorded.  You can either scroll to the specific speaker's timestamps or (if your service supports it) go to the "Chapters" tab or section and choose.

Ø  Marcus Allen, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence.

Ø  Raymond Lee, Founder and President of Careerminds. @ 13:57

Ø  Joyel Crawford, CEO/Founder, Author, Leadership Consultant, Crawford Leadership Strategies. @ 23:10

Ø  Cait Russell, Director of Neurodiversity Employment Network: Philadelphia. 
@ 30:11

Ø  Michael Brenner, Founder and CEO of Right Chord Leadership. @ 38:50

Ø  Brandyn Campbell, President and Founder, DEI Consultant, Brandyn Campbell Communications LLC. @ 46:27

Ø  Gary Dumais, Business Psychologist & Human Resource Consultant at Select Human Resources. @ 55:36

Ø  Andre Young, Professional Speaker, Author, and Leadership Trainer; Founder of You Evolving Now, LLC. @ 1:04:51

Ø  Theresa Velykis, President of Philadelphia SHRM. @ 1:15:34

We hope you enjoy listening to their perspectives and have a few takeaways that resonate with you and your organization. 

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