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Strategic Moves to Grow Your Startup

November 20, 2023 Andrew Hutton / Andrew Jernigan Episode 43
Backseat Startup
Strategic Moves to Grow Your Startup
Show Notes

In episode 43 of the Backseat Startup Podcast, Andrew talks with Andrew Jernigan, founder of Insured Nomads. They answered the question “I have $20,000 and I want to grow my business. How should I spend this money?" posed by a user on the r/startup subreddit.

Technology continues to reshape the way we live, work, and travel. It’s time the insurance industry caught up.
Introducing Insured Nomads: Health insurance for the modern company, remote worker, expat and traveler.

To learn more about Insured Nomads, read their feature on our website.

Insured Nomads links can be found below:


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