Shine Strong

Taking responsibility for Your Life | Sean Croxton

September 30, 2019 Season 2 Episode 17
Shine Strong
Taking responsibility for Your Life | Sean Croxton
Shine Strong
Taking responsibility for Your Life | Sean Croxton
Sep 30, 2019 Season 2 Episode 17
Sean Croxton
You are in control of the type of life you live. Sean talks about how to change your mindset and live a live you take full responsibility for.
Show Notes

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What Sean and I talked about:

You can change your reality by changing your thoughts.

Is it possible to make the mental shifts BEFORE you do the work to understand yourself? Sean says YES. 

What to do when those limiting belief/ negative thoughts come up. 

 How to know when to pivot? When to use grit/push through and when to change plans?

<< Distinction between what feels right and going back to the comfort zone >>

Don’t make it about YOU.

Try your hardest not to make decisions in a valley. 

How to help a friend through their own valley? Sean’s advice: Don’t help unless they specifically ask for it. 

“Everyone is in a different place in their journey”

When you’re in a valley — that despair — when you learn a lot about yourselves. 

Your survival rate for your bad days is 100%

“People just want to be listened to”. 

Your brain has a tendency to follow your feelings. 

Your brain will go through withdrawal when you are trying to make a change in your life. 

Negative thoughts will always come. You have to consciously redirect your thoughts. CHILL. 

You have to get to the root cause — understand the way you feel about yourself and the negative core beliefs you have. 

How to be responsible for a life situation you don't have control of — and that you don't necessarily love.

“To me” consciousness. Victim consciousness. Choosing to respond in a negative way. 

“For me/by me” consciousness. How is this working for me? EVERY negative thing that happens to you has good in it.

“Where you choose to focus your attention is what dictates how you feel about it” 

LOOK FOR THE POSITIVES> Shift your attention. your attention changes and your realities change. We can all make that choice. 

How many opportunities are you missing because you’re looking at your life through the lens of a victim?

Real love is loving and supporting someone no natter what they choose. 

How to have longevity? Be consistent and deliver high quality. 

Tip for creating a great YouTube video? Watch it with no audio. If you still enjoy it with the sound off, then it’s ready to launch. 

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