Shine Strong

Building a business with LOVE as the key ingredient | Erin Williams, Erin's Faces Founder

October 21, 2019 Season 2 Episode 20
Shine Strong
Building a business with LOVE as the key ingredient | Erin Williams, Erin's Faces Founder
Shine Strong
Building a business with LOVE as the key ingredient | Erin Williams, Erin's Faces Founder
Oct 21, 2019 Season 2 Episode 20
Erin Williams
Erin Williams recounts to us her journey through life, and what motivated her to establish and maintain the company we know today- Erin's Faces.
Show Notes

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To connect with Erin, learn about products, ask questions:

Instagram: @erinsfaces
Facebook group: Erin's Faces Green beauty Gathering

What we talked about on the show:

-Got a job at urban decay counter at Bloomingdales
-It was not a focus of mine to switch ingredients out for cleaner ones when I started Erin's Faces
-“Beauty, yes, Intention, yes, and Natural came along with that"
-“I like making people feel good."
-Family member diagnosed with Melanoma
       -Was reading about chemical spfs- learned that it can be linked to skin cancer and she was using spfs in her products—so, she decided not to sell chemical spas anymore                 
  -Physical spf is good 
       -Only 2 physical spf is good, everything else is chemical 
       -Physical is white and hard to blend in

-“Think dirty.” App-It’s an app that will ruin your life and make your life better.” Tells you how clean or dirty your personal care products are
-“Even if something is clean, we’re trying to clean it up even more.”
-“I knew things that I didn’t want to know and now that I knew them, I didn’t want to go back.”

-Leah: “Tell about your trip to Texas”
      Erin: -sweat equity—went to Dallas and then Houston 
       -my goal was to get a new computer and buy a plane ticket
        -have to sell 2,000$ to make half that
        QUOTE: -“I get to share this, and I wanna help people and that’s my motive and I just want to love people and help them…[the product] looks crappy, but what was inside of it was pretty good.”
        -Thinking, “I’ve spent this much money, my computer is shutting down”-how am I going to do this?
        -only sold 150$ at Allison’s house the first night—“I’m gonna die.” “It takes so much energy”
      QUOTE: -Thinks to herself, “Why did you say you were coming here? It was to share and to love and to be a light to people.”
-QUOTE: Wanting a purpose and to be more useful and of service in the world vs. making pretty models look more pretty
-QUOTE:“You’re just gonna love people and share.”
    —Courtney’s house: 20 people-1800$ sold—“I just cried in bed. I was overwhelmed…God’s goodness” “I felt very provided for and in alignment with what I was supposed to be doing.” QUOTE
-Ended up selling 9,000$ in Texas when wanted to sell 2,000$-all money went right into the company
-“I was crying in bed every night”-out of gratitude QUOTE
-“You do have to make money, but it still can’t for me…be about making money…It has to be about sharing and loving people.” QUOTE
-This is why the Mission statement is: “to empower and educate women…and occasionally a dude.”

-I could’ve made a lot of money being a makeup artist-paid so much without much time
QUOTE - “Money doesn’t drive me like that…but purpose does.”            
Leah: “More than that, you wanted to teach women, to serve them, to help them.”

Leah: That story was a perfect example of changing your attitude 

Erin: “I just wanna help people, That’s the mo

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