Shine Strong

Katie | ceo. personal growth. purpose. Ep. 2

September 03, 2018 Season 1 Episode 2
Shine Strong
Katie | ceo. personal growth. purpose. Ep. 2
Shine Strong
Katie | ceo. personal growth. purpose. Ep. 2
Sep 03, 2018 Season 1 Episode 2
Katie Smith
Katie Smith, CEO of PHC Restoration mentors us on being a CEO, finding purpose, and personal growth.
Show Notes

Show Notes: 

 2:00 Katie’s history. Starting out at a radio morning show, going back to the family business, taking that business over. Started in sales, marketing, project management, project coordination, CEO. 

 4:00 Working alongside husband everyday. Taking personality tests, working on blind spots, attending industry events together. 

 5:20 Personalities and passions can change over time. Surrounding herself with mentors. Challenged herself to apply the knowledge gained from those mentors 

 6:30 CEO Forum, business mentorship. Learning from people who have made mistakes already. Taking advise and develop as a person, professional. 

 9:35 Saying No :: Does this align with my values? Say yes if it aligns with your goals and allows you the time you need for your family/personal life. If not— say no. Be willing to resign from a position if it doesn’t serve you anymore. 

 13:20 Passionate about different things at different points in your life. There really isn’t just one thing I’m going to do in this life. You can fulfill passion in your down time. 

 14:45 “You can’t put that much responsibility on your employer and your job to fulfill your purpose in your life. ..... 

 16:05 Favorite book: Purpose Driven Life 

 21:00 Biggest failure. Saying yes to a lot of projects I should’ve said no to… 

 23:15 Where faith exists anxiety and worry cannot. 

 25:00 Journaling to manage anxiety and stress 

 27:00 Dealing with the inner critic…worrying about what other people think. “Think and Grow Rich” book 

 28:40 The thing I’m most proud of …. 

 30:00 Honesty, being true to oneself. Tone down the brutal part and just bring the honest part. 

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