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Nicole | communication. change. mentors. Ep. 7

October 07, 2018 Season 1 Episode 7
Shine Strong
Nicole | communication. change. mentors. Ep. 7
Shine Strong
Nicole | communication. change. mentors. Ep. 7
Oct 07, 2018 Season 1 Episode 7
Nicole VanderMey
Nicole's advice on communicating in a way that fosters change and serves leaders well.
Show Notes

Nicole VanderMey, the Director of Global Technology Experience at Assurant 

5:30 Nicoles start in the insurance industry. Getting her start at 5 years old using her dad’s outdated insurance forms. Experience in sales, underwriting, claims, compliance implementations, PMO, regulatory complaint handling, and IT customer experience.

9:00 Nicoles experience in changing the culture of her departments. 

9:40 Changing the company mindset of customer complaints. 

10:30 How to encourage a change in mindset. “Be Brave”. You have to be able to sell your story — create pictures and stories with what you’re trying to accomplish. 

16:30 Communication for buy-in to change. “It’s really difficult to shift the thinking of a crowd of 800.” Planting seeds.The time it takes for cultural change. 

18:10 Experience across the industry and how that relates to initiating cultural change. There is also value in being unexperienced and coming to the table with fresh eyes.

22:50 Nicole’s advice on best practices in communication. Turn your communication around using the mindset of, what’s going to be best for the ears that will hear this?

“Any decision is better if the person makes it themselves. 

23:55 Nicole’s best practices to take knowledge and turn it into real improvement on your communication style. What drives them and what will their challenge be with what you’re trying to say. 

28:50 Nicole’s experience with launching a new product in a dire time of need 

31:10 What she turns to when things get stressful.

32:10 Keep two people in your corner. A tough love mentor, and an encourager. A boss, a mentor and a advocate. 

35:25 Nicoles advice on finding a boss, mentor and advocate who can rally in your corner.

36:40 Mr. Number is one of Nicole’s favorite things! It’s a database of spam callers/sales/spoofers which can be leveraged by Mr. Number so that you don’t get those calls. 

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