Shine Strong

Ellie | connection. infertility. beauty. Ep. 8

October 15, 2018 Season 1 Episode 8
Shine Strong
Ellie | connection. infertility. beauty. Ep. 8
Shine Strong
Ellie | connection. infertility. beauty. Ep. 8
Oct 15, 2018 Season 1 Episode 8
Ellie Huizinga
Ellie takes you on her journey on human connection, anticipation, and infertility with absolute joy in the journey.
Show Notes

Ellie Huizinga

connection. infertility. beauty.

My goal with Shine Strong is to create a platform where incredibly driven women can come to be encouraged by the authentic, vulnerable and experienced mentors who are guests on the show. 

9:50 Ellie’s background — stay at home mom, freelancer, makeup artist, home design. 

11:10 People pleasing and how Ellie struggles with it. Making sure to take care of yourself in order to take care of everyone else. 

14:15 Why human connection means so much to Ellie

16:30 What being a makeup artist means to Ellie 

17:30 Ellie’s home and how she uses that platform for good to welcome people in during their joys and sorrows

19:50 Ellie’s journey through sorrow. Her experience through failed IUI’s and now into IVF. Using sorrow as a place to meet people with empathy. 

22:30 Having a mentor, someone to talk to through the sorrows. 

24:00 Ellie’s advice “Dont wait, anticipate.” Stay in the present— don’t live in the future. When your thoughts consume the valley you’re in, you miss out on all the joy in your present moment. There is no dead end road even when you’re in the valleys. 

27:30 Ellie’s advice to listeners who are going through a hard time

31:20 What Ellie is obsessed with right now: connecting with people at a deeper level.

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