Shine Strong

Jen | fitness. nutrition. entrepreneur. Ep. 9

October 22, 2018 Season 1 Episode 9
Shine Strong
Jen | fitness. nutrition. entrepreneur. Ep. 9
Shine Strong
Jen | fitness. nutrition. entrepreneur. Ep. 9
Oct 22, 2018 Season 1 Episode 9
Expert advice from an experienced fitness trainer and nutritionist on running your own practice.
Show Notes

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2:20 Jen’s background. She got her start in nursing. 

“Once you’re more educated about things, it empowers you to make better decisions.” 

“I wanted to figure out how I could help people stay OUT of the hospital. I wasn’t certain what that would be, but I knew that nursing wasn’t going to be that for me.” 

“You’ve got one body that’s been given to you. You’re responsible for taking care of it the best you can.”

3:00 A setback changed Jen’s course from running to other options to stay fit and continue moving. Jen’s certification in personal training. 

6:30 Moving to a gym who’s core values aligned with Jen’s. Becoming an expert in corrective exercise. 

7:20 Building her own business as a personal trainer. People coming out of the woodwork to help her launch her business. 

8:30 Leaving nursing to do something different. How her experience as a nurse impacts her career today. There was no future she wanted or aspired towards in nursing. She knew ultimately that her passion was elsewhere. 

10:25 Which certification to get to become a personal trainer in Jen’s opinion. ACE or NASM

11:50 What is corrective exercise? How Jen uses it in her practice. Assessing new clients, and figuring out any asymmetries in a body. 

17:10 Pivoting her career…pivoting her LIFE because of a setback. 

20:00 Jen’s perspective on group exercise 

21:10 Jen’s advice on getting started with your own business or personal training practice. “Ask a lot of questions!” “Be prepared for not having a lot of income when you’re just getting started out as a personal trainer.”

24:25 Jen’s experience with launching a business, and how she’s made mistakes before launched a business before and failed. Each time she’s done it, she’s learned things and been able o take things from those experiences to use in her [successful] business today.

27:30 Learning from perceived failures. 

29:35 How Jen grew and built her business. 

32:00 Setting boundaries to ensure Jen has the time she needs for her personal health and well-being and her family. It’s all about scheduling for her. 

“You have to allow yourself time for self-care. It’s okay and it’s not selfish.”

35:00 Jen’s experience as a nutrition expert and what she recommends. 

39:40 WHAT JEN’s OBSESSED WITH! The soda stream!

42:20 Jen’s biggest lesson learned that she wants to share with everyone. “Rome wasn’t built in a day. “ “Give myself some grace”

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