Shine Strong

Colleen | LinkedIn. business. personal brand. Ep. 10

October 28, 2018 Season 1 Episode 10
Shine Strong
Colleen | LinkedIn. business. personal brand. Ep. 10
Shine Strong
Colleen | LinkedIn. business. personal brand. Ep. 10
Oct 28, 2018 Season 1 Episode 10
Colleen McKenna
A business women's advice on growing your personal brand, building a business, and leading well.
Show Notes

How to reach Colleen:

Tools Colleen recommends:

iorad -- great for tutorial creation

Trello -- great for process flow and lists


Zoom -- great video conferencing app

Calm app— meditative app 

Notability app— great tool for taking notes 

Slack -- great tool for business to stay connected and avoid email

2:00 Introduction of Colleen, her professional history

4:00 Starting Intero Advisory, going out on her own. Staying focused on the business’s core

7:00 In:side training

9:00 making the in:side training successful. iorad tutorials 

11:30 Colleen’s experience and key learnings in launching her business.

13:40 “Centers of Influence” 

“Starting out — Be open to a lot of opportunities, even if they aren’t revenue generating opportunities”

15:30 Cultivating a relationship with someone who can be your center of influence.

17:20 Steps to build your network inside LinkedIn

  1. Download your 1st degree connections
  2. Initiate conversations with your network
  3. Initiate conversations with people you aren’t connected with but should be 
  4. Share valuable and relevant content 

19:20 Advice for women to be more active on LinkedIn “You just have to do it. Be Brave” “Be comfortable making mistakes” 

20:05 Women need to be brave in their LinkedIn profiles — Be Brave! Tell your story. “If you’ve done it, you’re not bragging”. Get away from the buzzwords. Be authentic to yourself.

21:30 The relationship between LinkedIn and Google you might not have known about. Would you want your next client to google you and see what you have on your profile?

22:45 Why CEO’s and companies should want their employees to have great LinkedIn profiles and employees who are active on LinkedIn. “Employees will have 10x more 1st degree connections than a company will have in company page followers. So the goal is that your employees will share their content to their network”

26:10 Your personal brand

28:20 Creating a positive culture at Intero Advisor. Allows her team to work remotely, foster a creative environment. Not a lot of rules but a high expectation for excellence.

30:30 Adding a new dimension to the Intero team. The importance of clear and direct communication. “If people translate, there is a really good chance they’ll translate incorrectly”

34:00 Colleen’s key learnings as the founder of Intero. 

  1. Do the work. Get referrals because you deliver amazing work. Social influence doesn’t always convert to revenue. 
  2. Find one platform to become an expert in and leverage it! It might be LinkedIn, or Instagram, Facebook…

“Do good work”. 

“Id rather have 5-10 good referrals than a social following. Plant the seeds by doing good work.”

39:00 Colleen as a mother and professional. Intero is now a family business. 

43:20 Colleen’s favorite products— what she’s obsessed with. 


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