Shine Strong

Kendra | Writing and Publishing Non-FIction tips. The Power of Connection. Ep11

November 04, 2018 Season 1 Episode 11
Shine Strong
Kendra | Writing and Publishing Non-FIction tips. The Power of Connection. Ep11
Shine Strong
Kendra | Writing and Publishing Non-FIction tips. The Power of Connection. Ep11
Nov 04, 2018 Season 1 Episode 11
Kendra's tips for writing a non-fiction book, managing a blog, connecting with your neighbor, with vulnerable stories sprinkled in!
Show Notes


Published author of “Here Goes Nothing”, founder and manager of Grace & Peace blog. 

0:00 Kendra’s background, time in Guatemala, moving to Chicago, moving to Milwaukee, 

2:45 Publishing her book, “Here Goes Nothing” and managing her blog Grace & Peace. Writing her non-fiction book proposal. Proving your platform. Pursuing an agent. 

5:00 Hearing lot’s of “no’s”. Not a big enough platform/following. Getting advice from one agent who was willing to provide great advice. 

6:00 Creating a website, a business Facebook page, and upgrading her “look”. Finding out that the baby Kendra was carrying was not expected to live.

6:40 Writing to process the emotions of the pregnancy, sharing vulnerable truths, and watching her following grow. 

7:20 The story of her second daughter’s short life. 

“Whatever pretense of control I had was shattered”

9:40 Life is not in her control. The lessons Kendra learned from her daughter’s death

12:00 Working hard towards her passion— writing. Sharing her tips on writing and her mentor. 

14:15 Getting her book published and finding an agent.  

15:45 The process of writing a non-fiction book. It look Kendra about 2 years to get her book published.

1. Book proposal
2. Find an agent who wants to represent you 
3. Find a publishing company who wants to publish your book
4. Finish writing your book

18:00 The challenge of marketing your writing in a humble way. 

20:00 Kendra’s style of writing and how she manages her message and communication style 

24:00 How Kendra lives out loving her neighbor — just like she teaches in her book.

27:50 How Kendra advises we can all love our neighbor well, in impoverished areas or our next-door neighbors. 

30:30 Lamenting with our neighbors — connecting with our neighbor

“We are living in a time where everyone is just so lonely”

“If social media goes away tomorrow, what relationships will we have left?”

32:30 Being available to the people in your life

34:00 The “Baby-Buffer” — an introverts explanation of loving her neighbor and connecting with strangers. A great second is a food buffer!

38:00 What most people don’t know about Kendra that she is proud of. Kendra is very organized and tidy! She is a minimalist. 

The Road Back to You on the Enneagram. 

41:30 Advice for someone who wants to start a blog. You have to prioritize writing. If you don’t make it a priority everyday, you won’t do it.

“Make sure you are writing”  

“Just sit down and write.”

“Create space for writing”

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