Shine Strong

Christine | people. mentoring. cultivating discomfort. Ep. 13

November 19, 2018 Season 1 Episode 12
Shine Strong
Christine | people. mentoring. cultivating discomfort. Ep. 13
Shine Strong
Christine | people. mentoring. cultivating discomfort. Ep. 13
Nov 19, 2018 Season 1 Episode 12
Christine reflects on 27 years in business to provide tangible career advice anyone can implement immediately.
Show Notes

Christine Paris

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Things mentioned on the show:
The Law of Attraction Planner
Executive speaking coach: Thor Holt
Christine’s Air BNB link

3:20 Christine’s background. Entrepreneur, corporate world — 27 years in the insurance industry, speaker, positions sitting on boards, mentor. 

4:10 How mentors made an impact in Christine’s career

5:20 Patience as a skillset. Things come full circle. Sometimes you just need to be patient, you have to understand that if you don’t get what you want today you might get it tomorrow. 

6:00 Have a voice at the table. Weigh in on things outside of your expertise. Ask questions. Grab the bull by the horns. Never hesitate to question EVERYTHING. Opportunities are everywhere, and If you aren’t asking the right questions those opportunities might not surface. 

6:50 Cultivate deliberate discomfort. Challenges make us stronger. It’s okay to be wrong. Recognize your “flat skillset”. Solicit feedback from peers, mentors, and bosses. Listen to what they have to say and gain an appreciation for different perspectives. Gain a coalition for people around you and their perspective. You have to ask for feedback. Don’t assume that you know what your strengths are. 

8:30 Public speaking. Hiring an executive speaking coach. Christine still speaks to that speaking coach — he still supports her and encourages her before each speaking event. Public speaking is a skillset that is essential to the corporate world. 

  1. Recognize your flat sides
  2. Solicit feedback
  3. Stretch yourself — continuously look for opportunities to step outside your comfort zone

“Never turn down an opportunity to speak to a large audience”

Executive speaking coach: Thor Holt

12:50 Women managing all of our roles. We must take a step back and reflect on what happened and where we want to go next. 

14:20 The three stages in a career. 

1st Act: When you know everything (but you really don’t) 

2nd Act: When you have little kids and your balancing everything. (Career, family, little kids). 

3rd Act: You know what you want, you know what you can do, and you’re giving back. The focus shifts to you.

“Get outside of your 4 walls…everything you do makes you more well rounded and adds value to your work”

18:20“You need a mentor and a sponsor and you need to know the difference between the two”

“The company is not brick and mortar and its not stock price. Its the people. Your ability to build relationships and maintain relationships will help you”

20:00 How to develop a relationship with a sponsor. Ask for the opportunity. “Women need to be more vocal about what they want.” If someone asks where you want to be in 5 years — tell them! 

Have the courage to have the right conversations with he right people

21:50 “If you aren’t surrounded by amazing people who inspire you, make a change…”

22:50 Getting the courage to ‘ask for it all’ — start small. Take the time to sit down with your boss and say “where are you going and how can help you get there?"

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