One's Too Many

Take your health (and your life) into your own hands with Fred Roger pt. 2

August 30, 2018 Adam Saulters Season 1 Episode 3
One's Too Many
Take your health (and your life) into your own hands with Fred Roger pt. 2
Show Notes
This episode is packed with nuggets from his personal journey that will absolutely bring value to your own journey. You will learn how Fred saw a need in his community to change veterans lives by helping start The Veterans Trust. They then used that platform to help change education for our community by giving us a one stop shop kind of deal using their access, placement, completion model. We go over how they helped the Mission United program become what it is today operating in 21 separate counties with forty to fifty more being created. We learn how they started with two people being invited to a race track to having a national presence throughout multiple different tracks into getting veterans taught to drive race cars.

We then learn about how, with the mentorship of a top Virgin (Virgin as in Richard Branson’s Virgin you sick f***s) executive he helped start a early stage investment company focused on vets. They actually require one of the founders or top management spots be a veteran. We go over what exactly they look for when choosing what company each month gets their funding and then the incubation help afterwards. This will help anyone going through any stage in their own startups who think they might need some sort of funding in the future (because who doesn’t eventually need funding, right?).

If you’re in the process of building a business, have thought about it, or already have built one you should definitely check this one out. There are so many little nuances that I haven’t thought about on my own journey I am sure it will benefit and bring value to you as well. Please check out their site if you think your business is ready to be funded or to see what you have left to work on.

You can reach out to them and what their doing by checking these out.

The Veterans Trust -
IG/FB - @theveteranstrust
The Bricks –
IG/FB- @brick_capital

Finally, Fred’s 3 pieces of advice to someone struggling in their own journey.
1. Find a mentor – he can’t stress this enough
2. Find a social network/group to engage with
a. Veteran(or first responder of course) or civilian – shooting club or book club it doesn’t matter what
3. Find a way to express yourself
4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help