One's Too Many

Don't let the bad guys win with Brad

August 30, 2018 Adam Saulters Season 1 Episode 5
One's Too Many
Don't let the bad guys win with Brad
Show Notes
This week we have a guy who must have burned through all 9 of his lives. This episode’s guest we have Brad. He was a twenty year veteran, four which were in in B Co. 3/75th Ranger bat, four years in ranger reconnaissance detachment, and eleven in USASOC Combat Applications Group. Since getting out he has spent time working on his music. He plays in a band called Silence and Light, who are actually about to release an album which all the proceeds from it will go to one of the nonprofits he works with.

So, this episode I am proud to bring you what my battalion CO referred to as “one of the rock stars of the military.” His name is Brad. We go over many different things, from why he came into the military to why he went through ranger and then selection. Mindset plays a key role in his life. What makes you you? Is it 100% your job (be it military, police, fire department, or EMS), or are you a mixture of every mask you wear? If you believe it is the former, you might have a problem when you get out. Luckily if you recognize the stages you go through when you transition, you are better able and prepared to counteract them.

You can take this experience and justify beating your wife, becoming an alcoholic, or a drug addict because you’ve lived through this, but ultimately that is letting the bad guy win. “If I do something because of all of this, be it whatever it is, is allowing the bad guy to win in the long run.” You are stronger than what has happened to you. Don’t let whatever that is to beat you.

We finish up learning about how Brad uses music to help raise money for two nonprofits that do a lot of good, the Marine Raider Foundation and Warrior’s heart. This is only a taste of what we go over in this episode. Please tune in, and take the nuggets that Brad throws out to improve your life. Remember you matter, you’ve got this, and you’re not alone!
3 Keys
1. Reach out and connect with someone, tell someone you’re struggling
2. We all come from a community where people like to show their strong side, NO one thinks people are crazy and having flashbacks (this isn’t like post-Vietnam) or that it is weakness
3. As you go through the recovery process, find that thing/ purpose that you can love and out a lot of time into that is healthy, creative, and positive.
Please check what brad is doing at
IG- silence_and_light_official
FB- silenceandlightmusic