One's Too Many

Be careful who you laugh at with Boyd Renner

September 05, 2018 Adam Saulters, Boyd Renner Season 1 Episode 6
One's Too Many
Be careful who you laugh at with Boyd Renner
Show Notes
Today’s show we have an amazing guest named Boyd Renner joining us today. He is a soon to be Alumni from Penn State’s MBA program, a Co-Founder of a startup, and 23-year member of the NSW’s prestigious Development Group.

In today’s episode we go over what it takes to get through BUDS and what your mindset should be when going through while tackling what they do to help combat depression and suicide. According to Boyd it is a problem with every unit in the military, even the best still struggle through sometimes.

Among the many different strategies used, talking about it is the main way to help someone you think might be off. It may suck, you may even loose a friend. In the end though, which is worse losing a friend for asking/confronting them about what they’re going through, or losing them once they choose to complete suicide. We learn that no matter who you are you go through some stuff. Sometimes just pulling people aside and shooting the s***, getting a coffee, or whatever goes such a long way.

“Get out, have a plan before hand, and find that tribe”

As many of us know, once you get out, it isn’t all a piece of cake. We learn more about finding a new tribe to replace the one that you left and how to make that one part of your life. We learn a lot about difficulties once you get out from his perspective and how doing something every day to make himself better has kept him grounded. Giving back is always a fantastic idea, as we learn about a walk coming up soon for Cystic Fibrosis. Everyone should check out his and his wife’s page, please donate if you can, share if you can’t. Every dollar helps go to an amazing cause.

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1.Never underestimate yourself
2.Never let others underestimate you, if they do use it to your advantage
3.Don’t be afraid to ask
Cystic Fibrosis Walk
Boyd- @Brenner350
Everence Webpage –