One's Too Many

It's up to us, no one else is coming. With James Hintzke

September 12, 2018 Adam Saulters Season 1 Episode 7
One's Too Many
It's up to us, no one else is coming. With James Hintzke
Show Notes
On today’s episode, we have my friend James Hintzke on with us. He was a 30-year veteran in the SEAL community as a demo guy. James is a pretty amazing guy, and he gives us some real nuggets. We go over a bunch of things that I wish I had known when I was transitioning. We learn about how important it is to fill your life with a positive environment, and how to find your triggers, while making an impact in your environment.

He tells us about his art with Valhalla’s Forge and the difference you can make in your community through so many different ways. He shares about his strategy of being a leader to the young men working with him, including transiting vets and gold star kids. James gives us a lot of good information about how to deal with what you are going through and how to give just give yourself a break sometimes.

Coming from many of our backgrounds, it is hard to be easy on ourselves, but sometimes it is exactly what we need. You had to redevelop yourself into something that is sustainable for you and into something that will keep allowing you to grow. We go over that and a lot more in this episode. Come listen and take away a couple of things that you can use in your struggles too.

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1. Believe in yourself- you’re a fucking bad ass
a. Don’t let anyone convince you you’re not epic, you are
2. Be kind to yourself
a. When you fuck some shit up, whatever it is, and you will, don’t beat yourself up too hard and get back at it
3. Do something ssmall for yourself every day
a. Take care of yourself, if just for 5 minutes, take care of yourself
4. Create a lifestyle that you are proud about