One's Too Many

Rebalancing your life w/ Dan Pronk

October 18, 2018 Adam Saulters, Dan Pronk Season 1 Episode 8
One's Too Many
Rebalancing your life w/ Dan Pronk
Show Notes

On this weeks episode we have Dan Pronk, Australian SAS doctor turned entrepreneur. I’m so excite we finally got to get together to bring you this amazing episode where we go over tons of good information to bring value to your lives. In this episode we go over the mindset you need to go through medical school then selection (which you can then bring to your everyday life, the different pieces of his puzzle he had to sort out to fill the void the military left, and the advice he gives anyone struggling to find the lifestyle and  balance in their civilian lives that they are suddenly missing. We hit on a lot of different topics that I know you can take something from. After you listen, please show Dan some love and visit his IG page and let him know what you got from his message. 

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3 Keys

1. Keep yourself busy, throw yourself into something new to stimulate yourself, you don’t have to be passionate about that particular thing, just get started 

2. If you’re trying to transition out of a old group, it might be helpful to distance yourself for a little bit from the people in that group. Are your relationships with your old tribe the reason you can’t move on? 

3. Understand that civilians that haven’t lived what you have can not understand you and you shouldn’t expect them to. Don't expect your service and what you have done to give you anything more than just a foot in the door 

4. If you’re struggling find a goal, set a goal, work towards it, start making positive steps that reinforce your self esteem again