One's Too Many

Which Way is Your Claymore Facing? w/ Barry Zworestine

October 25, 2018 Adam Saulters, Barry Zworestine Season 1 Episode 9
One's Too Many
Which Way is Your Claymore Facing? w/ Barry Zworestine
Show Notes

This week’s episode of Ones Too Many we have Rhodesian War Veteran, psychologist, author, and ultramarathoner Barry Zworestine. We cover a lot of topics today from the difference he has seen being drafted into the war, what he calls the “bandaid method, and we delve deeper into what he does to help his patients. He gives a lot of tips and tricks that he uses in his daily practice to help people through their “ambush zone,” while throwing out some advice about how he helps not only the patient he is seeing, but also their families.  

Next we moved toward his book, “Which Way is Your Claymore Facing.” We discuss why he wrote it, what he has learned from it, and what you will take from reading it. This wasn’t written to make money, it is for sell on Amazon for the minimum (who knew they had a minimum price…) $0.99 for the Ebook and $4.00 for the hard copy. It is a book filled with core wisdom. It focuses on how to stay coherent when you hit a wall by using: core lessons, core techniques, core strategies, operational neuroscience, tools to bring into your relationship. If you are struggling you are doing yourself a disservice by not checking this out. A link is posted below. 

If you’ve enjoyed this episode please pass it on to someone you believe would benefit from listening to it. And please visit Barry and let him know what you thought as well. 


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3 keys 

  1. I’m going to walk with you, people who are struggling generally feel incredibly alone 
    1. You’re not alone 
  2. I’d really like to understand what you want to tell me about what it is you’re struggling with. 
    1. Im here to listen to you, just tell me what you want. Im here to listen though 
  3. Start with where you want to, I’ll walk with you 
    1. They feel safe, heard, and not alone