128: Can You Use ONE Contract for All Your Business Needs?
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The Legal Paige® Podcast
128: Can You Use ONE Contract for All Your Business Needs?
May 17, 2022
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In Episode #128 of The Legal Paige Podcast I’m covering the questions that most small business owners have about CONTRACTS! Do you need a contract? Will a contract really be beneficial to your business? Can you use one contract for a variety of purposes or do you need to purchase different types of contracts for each service? Tune in and I’ll share how contracts will *actually* change your business and whether you can use one template contract for all your needs!


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Episode Highlights

  • I am covering questions that most small business owners have about contracts!
  • I am sharing my legal answer on if you can use one contract for a variety of purposes. 
  • Why a contract will be extremely beneficial and change your business!
  • How adding any legal document to your toolkit as a new business owner should be step #1. 
  • And so much more!


Worth Noting

"Having a contract for your business can prevent stress, money, problems, lawsuits, legal debacle, extreme confrontations... You name it. Having that contract in place can be the difference between thriving or failing. You don't go into business with the intention of failing. So why would you put yourself in that position without a proper contract in place for your clients to sign?"

- Paige's advice on why having contracts can be the difference in your business.


"Many people think that like a long lengthy contract is scary and it's going to like scare off your clients. And I have heard the exact opposite from TLP customers. They're booking higher end clients, their highest packages because their contracts are so thorough and are two-sided and have roles and rights and responsibilities of all parties."

- Paige on why a contract isn't going to scare potential clients away, but actually bring you high-end clients. 


"Here at TLP we offer what's called à la carte clauses. They are clauses that can be added into your existing contract if you feel like your contract needs it. They are written from the perspective of a lawyer who knows how to write contracts and who knows how to properly wordsmith legal language to be in very understandable. Some of these clauses are things such as COVID clauses, because we realized every business has different policies. And depending on how you run your business, your morals and your ethics, you can choose a clause that best suits your practices."

- Paige's take on why certain clauses aren't included in template contracts



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