123: Is Your Client Asking To Change The Language In Your Contract?
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The Legal Paige® Podcast
123: Is Your Client Asking To Change The Language In Your Contract?
Apr 05, 2022
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Don't do it! Over here at TLP we don't recommend changing your contract language, it's there for a specific reason. Except in limited circumstances, which I am going to share with you because at one point or another any our journey as a business owner you will run into these situations. 


This is a tough subject to navigate on your own, which is why I am giving you my legal advice if you were my client emailing me this very question. First thing I want you remember is don't panic... TLP is here to help.

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Episode Highlights

  • What you should and shouldn't be taking out of your contract (I.E. nothing if possible). 
  • How to read the room and figure out if; a) your client has lawyered up, and b) if you should seek out an attorney in your hometown as well. 
  • My tips to still oblige your client but also to hold your ground, and not delete anything that could hurt you down the road. 
  • Red flags to look our for in this situation as you navigate customer service, and deciding if this is even the client you should be working with.
  • Why clauses that deal with things like harassment, inclement of weather, safe working environment, and service specific clauses should never be removed. 


Worth Noting

"I want you to remember that good customer service does not equate to changing your contract. Don't let yourself fall into that trap. It's actually quite the opposite. If you let your clients dictate your working relationship with contract modifications before they even book you and they're finagling you into modifying some of your policies. Now, I think that's a huge, huge orange or red flag for them being challenging clients in the future. Now I say orange or red, because I think you'll know. You'll know after a couple of back and forth of communicating with this particular client or clients.- Paige's advice on customer service and changing your contract. 

"For photographers, this would be like your delivery of images, clause, your editing clause, posing artistic style, reproduction clause, etc. For wedding planners, it's going to be, you know, like planning calls, how many trips you'll do back and forth from the venue, mood boards, when the client can or cannot change the theme or style of their wedding, you're catching my drift here. These are the specific clauses related to your business that you would never budge on.- Paige's advice on service specific clauses that should never be removed from a contract.

"If your client is reaching out to you saying, we're not going to agree to this indemnification clause, you can indemnify yourself for your own negligence, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They are probably reading that clause wrong and didn't read it as only pertaining to third-party claims. So maybe just first point that out to them."- Paige's advice when a client doesn't agree to the Idemnification clause in your contract, and how to provide excellent customer service in this situation. 


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